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Make your dreams come true

„Make your dreams come true“

Weekend Workshop for your personal and spiritual development

with Silvia Belmonte-Axtner, international Holistic Life Coach

(Soon we will inform you about the next date and event place)

We all truly hope that our lives will change in a positive direction. And most of us still have some deep wishes that we would like to realize in this life.

You too, I am sure.

Imagine, for a moment, that there is a “Magical formula“ that would help you to implement your heart desires.

Is there still any wish that you would like to fulfill in this life? Is theres something you deeply know from inside, that you are worth to experiment and receive it?

And would you like to get to know this „Magic formula“, so that you could begin to plant the seeds for the life you really want to have?

Then I invite you to this special weekend workshop in one of the most magical spots in Italy: Naples and his surrounding.


What awaits you?

  • Empowering instead of „burn-out“ or hamster wheel

    Gain sustainably more vitality and zest for life and balance through the self-responsibility that you take over your life

  • Heart Connection

    Develop skilled perception / intuition of yourself and your heart desires that will help you in your decision-making processes

  • Elevate your energy and come into your real power of creator

    Let your body and mind rest, elevate your energy and un-memorize your old thoughts, feelings and habits step by step

  • Trust in yourself, your heart goals and the future

    Build confidence in your inner guidance through the cordial connection of the head and the heart

  • Create a personal strategic plan for the up-coming months

    Develop a well-designed plan that will support the realization of your heart desires during the following months

  • Shine from within

    Connect with a greater force and implement your heart desires step by step changing from inside out and in order to radiate more and more from within.

Who is this Workshop suitable for?

  • Especially for all the women who
    • Want to be the creators of their own life
    • Deep inside themselves are feeling that there is so much more within their life and within themselves, but are not already connected with their own potential
    • Want to realize their heart’s desires in this life
    • Know that there is a tremendous power within themselves and that they finally want to use this power for a purposeful life according to their dreams
    • Want to get out of the hamster wheel and are ready to take their lives into their own hands
    • Like to invest in their own development and know that this is the best investment of all
    • Wish for even more success and joy of life and are prepared to come out of their comfort zone


Detailed Workflow:

Arrival within Thursday 19th of September

  • Thursday, September 19 at 19h

Introductory Lecture „How to make your dreams come true – get to know the magic formula to realize your deepest dreams“

  • Friday, September 20

08.00-9.15: Yoga and meditation
9.30-11.00: Breakfast
11.00-13.00: Consciousness Coaching
13.00-15.00: Lunch
15.00-16.00: Consciousness -Coaching
16.00-17.30: Mindful Walk

Evening: Dinner together for everybody who wants to join

  • Saturday, September 21

00-9.15: Yoga and meditation
9.30-11.00 :   Breakfast
11.00-13.00: Consciousness Coaching
13.00-15.00: Lunch
15.00-16.00: Mindful Walk
16.00-17.30: Meditation and Coaching

Evening: Dinner together for everybody who wants to join

  • Sunday, September 22

00-9.15: Yoga and meditation
9.30-11.00 :   Breakfast
11.00-14.00: Consciousness Coaching
Farewell round

The program might be subjected to some changes after arrangement with the group.


  • Yoga
  • Mindfulness
  • Guided Meditation and Relaxation
  • Consciousness-Coaching with targeted questions and worksheets to gain more awareness and clarity
  • Diary and vision board in order to creating a powerful vision
  • Mind-Set Coaching
  • Development of your personal strategy to continue the work after the workshop
  • Workshop language: english – translation in spanish or german posible


Venue/Accommodation and Board

Naples and surrounding. (Exact venue will be available at May 2019)

Naples was founded by the Greeks in the 8th century BC, following the Second Greek colonization. On the other hand, the myth tells the Greek Parthenope (from the Greek “virgin“) as the founder of our city. There are a lot of myths on Parthenope, but they have only one thing in common: Naples was founded with love and for love. So, we can surely say that love and passion are the foundation of Naples and his surrounding. What could be more magical to be inspired by love and compassion?

As soon we have the exact details of the venue, we will let you be informed.

Single room

not confirmed already

Double room

Triple room


Each participant is responsible for the arrangement of his transportation to Naples Airport.

We will organize transport from the airport to the venue if you are interested.

For any questions and support with the transportation please write to:



Yoga Teacher and personal coach

Silvia Belmonte-Axtner

At the beginning of her 40s, Silvia has launched a new life with full force again and has gradually built the life of her dreams. A deep crisis of meaning and a failed marriage have given her the prelude to a life in Alicante to her heart’s desires and the power to change a well-paid sales job for a new career as a Consciousness  and Talent Coach, Yoga and Mindfulness Instructor. She has gone through ups and downs and everything she has learned  and developed during this time, she has been sharing with her customers and students for 8 years. She has run her own center in Playa San Juan, Alicante, for 3 years and has a 5 freelance staff to help her. She is currently writing her first book and is developing a unique and exclusive mentoring online program for everybody who wants to make their dreams come true. You can find more about Silvia at:


Reservation and payment

To reserve the workshop please write to:

Payment of the Workshop-fee by bank transfer:

  • 50% of the seminar price when booking latest until the 1sth of September
  • 50% latest until the 15th of September 2019

Bank details:
IBAN: ES44 2100 1534 6102 0027 0686 BIC: CAIXESBBBXXX
Ref: „Make your dreams come true Cote d’Azur“

Workshop Fee

Normal price

399 € / person

Early bird until the 15th of August

359 € / person

The workshop fee includes

  • Workshop “Make your dreams come true” based on Yoga, Mindfulness and Consciousness Coaching
  • Mentoring during the Workshop
  • Workshop Material
  • Guided Meditations to use after the workshop
  • Water and Snacks during the Workshop

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